About Me

Hello and thank you for visiting my site. 


I'm Patty, an Artist..... and Wildlife and Children’s illustrator based by the sea in the North West of England.

The youngest of 5 children born to Irish parents, my summers as a child were spent on the family farm over in Ireland creating my own adventures and having an overly active imagination.

 I have two grown children and a cheeky grandson. I am very much young at heart and love getting lost in my drawings and thinking up new creative ventures.

I've always loved drawing and painting and decided 14 years ago I’d had enough of the old day job and took myself off to Glyndwr University where I gained a B.A. and then my M.A in Children’s Book Illustration.

Since then I have been busy illustrating books for clients, commissioned murals, paintings ,wildlife drawing and working on my own books.

' Books I have illustrated and have been  published are:

Callon by  Honor Donohue   {Amazon}.......

.....a  beautiful story about an elf with a magic hat who brings colour back to a forest.

Tidal Mist by Honor Donohue

The Bad Bad Dream That Would Not Go Away 

by Ann Marie Sadoyama {Amazon Kindle}....

an exciting story about the nightmares of a little girl and how she overcomes them.

Little Furry Fox Cub 

written by Sherry Christie {Amazon} A true life story about the adventures of a little Fox Cub  written in rhyme.

Awaiting publication

Stop Barking Hope! by Michael Harney

The Golf Spring. by Peter Varley      

Madam by Honor Donahue                    


Wolf and Moon by Sherry Christie   


Hope the Dog   by Michael Harney        

Current Collaboration

One sequel to Callon and Madam

written by Honor Donahue

Wriggle to the Rescue by Mandy O'Grady

A Series of books

by Michael Harney relating to Hope the Dog

Every child is an artist.
The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up
- Pablo Picasso -

        Every child is an artist

The problem is how to remain an

       artist once we grow up

             ~Pablo Picasso~