Little Furry Fox Cub

Author Sherry Christie published by Amazon

Callon written by Honor Donohoe  published by Amazon

The bad,bad dream that would not go away Written by Annmarie Sadoyama published by Amazon Kindle
The Golf Spring written by Peter Varley 

Stop Barking Hope! written by Michael Harney. 

Madam by Honor Donoghue 

My Brother's Gone written and Illustrated by Patty Chatterley

Wolf and Moon by Sheridan Christie  published by Amazon

Wriggle to the Rescue

by Mandy O'Grady...a story in verse about a three legged greyhound , a blind monkey and a toothless rabbit and how they overcome their disabilities

Horses Love French Fries
by Morrene Hauser

PIGASUS by Chris Brice 

a lovely story in verse about a Flying Pig and his adventures in finding friends.

Current collaboration
A series of stories linked with Hope the dog written by Michael Harney
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        Every child is an artist

The problem is how to remain an

       artist once we grow up

             ~Pablo Picasso~